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Clumping in the vitreous humor is the most common cause of floaters, and it generally occurs with aging. Inflammation in the back of the eye, posterior uveitis, can be caused by an infection or an inflammatory disease, and it results in floaters. Bleeding or vitreous hemorrhaging is more serious, and it can be the result of an injury; one of the symptoms is the appearance of floaters. Retinal tears can also cause floaters to appear, and the tears should be treated immediately to prevent loss of vision.

­ Rhodopsin is the key to night vision -- it is the chemical that the rods use to absorb photons and perceive light. When a molecule of rhodopsin absorbs a photon, it splits into a retinal and an opsin molecule. These molecules later recombine naturally back into rhodopsin at a fixed rate, and recombinati­on is fairly slow.

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